Saturday, 31 July 2010

Latest addition to CritterVille..

This one is a little busier than the others - and a bit lopsided but thats part of its charm! ...its been added to the row of Critters getting ready for Village Green where hopefully they'll be sold and go to live with people (big or small) who will appreciate their not-quite-right-ness! lol

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

PussCat and the Pirate!

These things make me chuckle - that's Pete the Pirate on the right - I think he's going to cause trouble in Critterville - but not yet as he's still 'in progress' - he needs a mouth and facial hair (and an earring - all pirates have earrings!) - but each time I try & give him a moustache he looks like Charlie Chaplin or Hitler... not the looks I was aiming form especially the latter(!) ...but like I say he's a work in progress!

There was a slight hitch when I lined them up with the other Critters - check out the size of 'what-might-become-known-as-Petal-PussCat' next to the others - she's like the white kitten from the Goodies show! lol Might have to put her on a diet and trim her down a bit.... ooh very sizest of me!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fancy Clancy has left the building!

.. and gone to live with Bev at Banana Frog.
(by the way - that green sprout coming out of the left side of his head (right side of the picture) isn't part of him - its the plant he's stood in front of! lol   I just thought I'd clarify that)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wildlife? Critters

These Critters aren't supposed to look like animals - but the one on the right definitely has a bit on an owl-like quality.
I'm loving the ribbon hair.  Boot sale purchase - I think its the ribbon they used to tie office (legal) documents up with - much more interesting when used as Critter hair! lol

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen... please put your hands together for the latest girl group to come out of Critterville - please welcome.. THE CRITTERETTES!!!

yay.. whoop whoop ....
but sadly their reign on the Critter Top 40 has been short lived... Missy in the middle has since gone solo ...  it happens to all the best girl groups doesn't it - The Supremes, Destiny's Child...... Spice Girls (OK I'm kidding with that last one but you get the

(these little lovelies came about when I was trying to recreate Evie's little critter - I don't use a pattern to make them but I'm thinking (after the 3 attempts to get it right) I may have to start! lol  I loved the way they looked when they are all lined up - in my head I can hear them singing;  "stop! in the name of love.. before you break my heart.. think it oooovverrr".  They're dressed like all girl bands tend to be (used to be) - the same fabrics etc for their clothes but each tweaked to suit their personalities & styles.  love 'em.)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Family Portrait

So, here they are as a group before Clancy goes off to live at BF HQ..
(I might have to re-think their mouths when I create some more - they all look slightly sad when viewed as a group?! - except for Doris who still looks slightly bewildered... lol

Sunday, 29 November 2009

They needed a pet...

So this little... erm.. thing for want a better name (!) started out as a trial looking at shapes for the top of the critters heads but it seemed a shame to waste what I'd made so please meet the critters' pet - I don't know whether to call it Spot ('cos of body pattern) or Bump ('cos of its eye).. I probably shouldn't call it anything!